Where we work

Eastern Africa – Projects

Reporting tax: strengthening media capacity in Kenya and Uganda

Relay is implementing a programme to work with editors, journalists and researchers to improve reporting of research on tax and governance issues in the media in Kenya and Uganda.

Inclusive growth? Linking research and the media in Kenya and Tanzania

Relay is working to build links between policy research bodies and the media, to strengthen media coverage and debate around issues of economic growth and poverty reduction In Kenya and Tanzania. The project, which is supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), runs from July 2009-September 2011

South Asia – Projects

Strengthening media capacity to report dams and development research – Northeast India

Panos South Asia’s Relay is focussing on the contentious issue of mega-dams in Northeast India. As India’s race for economic development intensifies, the country’s thirst for power generation has dramatically increased. One of the ways India is plugging this gap is through building mega-dams to generate hydro-electric power. Due to the Northeast’s topography, the state is rolling out several plans to build more dams in the region.

Debating media coverage of sexual and reproductive health in Bangladesh

This Wellcome Trust funded-pilot project worked with researchers, journalists, publics and affected communities in Bangladesh to spark informed and inclusive debate on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information, rights and access to services, informed by health research. The  project was carried out by Panos London in partnership with Panos South Asia and BRAC School of Public Health, Dhaka, Bangladesh.